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1st edition of our event

It is high time to connect the worlds!


In mid-October 2017, we hosted the first edition of "Capital Classic Cars” in front of the Ujazdów Castle in Warsaw.


The aim of this event was to show that the passion for historic cars and sports watches complement each other and are a good pretext for meeting and having fun.


On that Sunday afternoon, enthusiasts of motoring and sophisticated style, collectors of classic cars and fans of timepieces gathered together. Among the guests there were also people from the front pages of newspapers and business representatives. There were also plenty of visitors, who had a unique opportunity to admire the real motoring gems from close up. The strategic partner of the event was the Montblanc brand, which premiered the TimeWalker watch, advertised worldwide by its ambassador Hugh Jackman. In the commercial spot, the actor drives Ferrari Dino, and the gathered guests had the opportunity to admire this car, probably the only one in Poland in yellow, live during the event.


It all started with an honorary round that led not only wonderful historic cars, but also luxury cars from the Super Car Club collection, along the route of three Warsaw squares (Three Crosses, Saviour and Union of Lublin Square). The next item on the agenda was the premiere of the audiobook "Autorozmowy, autopacje", in which the author Grzegorz Gac, an automotive journalist and vice-champion of Europe in rallies, presented stories of exceptional automotive enthusiasts and collectors of old-timers. The performance by Michał Czekała and Michał Załuski, who guided the guests through the history of jazz from the era of automotive boom, was the highlight of the event.


It was worth coming dressed in a vintage outfit or the one referring to the automobile style.


The main prize in this competition was a Starwalker pen from the Spirit of Racing Montblanc limited collection. The partners of the event were: Noble Place, Porsche Warszawa Centrum Okęcie, Bang & Olufsen, BoConcept, Favarger, Desa Uniqum, Ardor, and the media patrons included Classicauto magazine, Monogram,, Top Class and RMF Classic.

The beginning of history

Capital Classic Cars

Capital Classic Car is a perfect interplay in time and space of passion for antique motoring, good style and unique watches.

What about the super cars? They caused no less sensation than beautiful Ferrari Dino.​


The courtyard of the Ujazdów Castle was tightly filled with exceptional classics and exotic cars from the Super Car Club collection.


Capital Classic Cars can by all means aspire to the title of Polish Goodwood.

Grzegorz Gac conducted a live conversation with the people whose stories he presented in his audiobook, and in front of the tent we could admire some of the vehicles from their collection.

Text by: Michał Szeliga/Classicauto