Regulations for participation in VARSOPOLIS




1.1. The organizer of the first edition of the tourist rally named "VARSOPOLIS CLASSIC RALLY" (hereinafter "Rajd") is Piotr Piasecki, running a business under the name "BKEV Piotr Piasecki", based in Warsaw, at ul. Pogonowskiego 30, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, with a NIP number: 727-247-01-66, REGON number: 100066355, (hereinafter the "Organizer").




2.1. A reminder of the heritage of pre-war street races and car rallies in Warsaw, the last of which took place in 1938 and the celebration of the best traditions of pre-war Polish motoring with the beauty of the Polish capital in the background.

2.2. Selection of the Rally winners (without division into individual classes) in the competition of cars in the PRE-1975 class, with the date of production being December 31, 1975.

2.3. During the Rally, the Elegance Competition will be conducted with a separate classification.




3.1. Rally participants in the individual competition are a driver and a pilot of a historic vehicle, ie produced until 1975 inclusive (the date of the border is December 31, 1975).

3.2. The organizer reserves that the applicant of the vehicle to the Rally must belong to the crew participating in the Rally, i.e. is the driver of the vehicle or the pilot.

3.2. If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, the Organizer requires the written consent of the vehicle owner for the participation of the driver in the Rally.

3.2. After consultation with the Organizer, it is possible to allow newer cars.

3.3. Passengers are accompanying persons and do not receive additional points.

3.4. Vehicles according to item 3.1. they must have the original odometer and speedometer

mounted only in the original place on the dashboard.




4.1. Participation in the Rally should be reported in accordance with the information on the Organizer's website at Subscriptions will start on May 1, 2019.

4.2. The notification should include the driver's full name, his e-mail address and telephone number, the name of the pilot, the make and type of vehicle, the year of production and the vehicle's image in a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

4.3. The vehicle applicant in Rally consents to the publication of the photo and vehicle data on the Organizer's website and if the applicant is not the owner of the vehicle, the Organizer requires the written consent of the vehicle owner for such publication.

4.4. The application should be sent via the module available on the Organizer's website at

4.5. Participants who have submitted their participation in accordance with 4.1., And have not been denied by the Organizer, they are automatically authorized to participate in the Rally.

4.6. The organizer reserves the right to verify applications, e.g. may ask for additional photos or vehicle documents and direct telephone contact with the owner of the vehicle.

4.7. Acceptance of applications in less than 15 days before the start of the Rally depends on the organizer's decision.

4.8. Due to the conditions available, the Organizer may limit the number of Rally participants.

4.9. By participating in the Rally, both the driver and the pilot of the Vehicle agree to the publication of photo and video materials from the Rally with their participation, which will be used by the Organizer to communicate and promote the Rally on the territory of the Republic of Poland for 12 months from the date of the Rally, on all known at the date of the Rally exploitation fields.




5.1. At the same time as each participant's entry in the Rally, the applicant will pay the registration fee for the participation of the crew in the Rally to the Organizer's account.

5.2. Account details of the Organizer: BKEV Piotr Piasecki, ul. Pogonowskiego 30, 01-564 Warszawa, mBank 88 1140 2017 0000 4102 0470 7495, with the note: "Varsopolis".

5.3. If the payment is made by someone other than the driver, the Organizer requires giving the name and surname of the driver in the transfer description.

5.4. The entry fee is PLN 350.

5.5. As part of the entry fee, participants receive free of charge:

- parking

- Rally documentation (photos, Itinerer, map, vehicle catalog)

- entry to the VIP area

- catering

5.6. The organizer does not return the entry fee for each absent and previously reported crew.




6.1. The current Rally Rules must be available from the Organizer.

6.2. On the day of the Rally, each crew member signs a legible signature under one copy of the Regulations before the start of the Rally.

6.3. The organizer has the right to assess the technical condition of the vehicle before the start of the Rally by an authorized committee.

6.4. The Rally Commander has the right to disqualify a player who does not comply with the rules of movement

rally rules and thus posing a danger to other competitors or third parties.

6.5. The Rally route consists of a circular ride divided into sections ending with time control points (PKC).

6.6. A detailed description of the Rally route and the tasks to be performed can be found in the Itinerary or map that each crew receives before starting in the Rally.

6.7. During the rally, an attempt may be made to manage the vehicle (SZ), which description and

The rally participant must receive a detailed score for inspection at the latest before the start of the test.

6.8. The Elegance competition consists in assessing the compatibility of the crew's appearance with the vehicle's vintage and the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

6.8. The Rally may include Transit Control Points (PKP). In these places, the Organizer may introduce other additional tasks.

6.9. The rally may include other control points determined by the Organizer before the start. Each participant receives a special description of the task and its detailed scoring in accordance with 6.6.

6.10. Rally can include maintenance-free PKP, described in detail in the rally materials.




7.1. The total lateness during the Rally can not exceed 20 minutes.

7.2. Exceeding the lateness by 20 minutes results in receiving the maximum number of negative points for the Rally.

7.3. One negative point is counted for each minute of delay.

7.4. PKC, PKP and finish are open for 20 minutes after the regular time of the last Rally participant.

7.5. The recommended order of tasks and tests is carried out in the order of the start numbers waiting for the task.

7.6. Waiting due to the Organizer's fault for completing a task or sample over 3 minutes, neutralizes the time, which the participant automatically settles according to the correction made.

7.5. Additional time, necessary to carry out tasks and attempts not counted in the Rally scoring (for example, visiting objects), can not enter into the statutory time intended for the Rally.

7.6. The participant is obliged to cover the Rally route according to the Itinerary or map obtained from the organizer and pass all attempts and tasks in the order listed in the Road Card.

7.7. Towing a vehicle during the Rally results in receiving the maximum number of negative points for tasks or attempts which the participant did not perform due to towing.




8.1. Rally participants are classified with negative points.

8.2. The Organizing Committee of the Organizer has the right to check the possession of a registration certificate, driving license, liability insurance / NW. In the absence of any of the required documents or if the document was invalid, the participant is not then

not allowed to participate in the Rally.

8.3. For identified technical defects and deviations from the original vehicle may be granted up to 10 points. negative.

8.4. For each incorrectly made attempt or task can be granted up to 10 points. negative.

8.5. For exceeding the traffic regulations during the entire Rally can be granted up to 10 points. negative, but for one case no more than 3 points. negative.

8.7. Exceeding the lateness limit results in receiving 100% of negative points that could have been obtained in the Rally (including the maximum number of points for being late).

8.8. There are added negative points depending on the year of production of the vehicle after 0.3 points for each year above 1900. e.g. 1920, 20 × 0.3 points = 6 points 1967 67 × 0.3 points = 20.1 points

8.9. The player receives 20 negative points for leaving the attempt or task.

8.10 One negative point is awarded for every minute of earlier or later entry to PKC.

8.11. For skipping a maintenance-free PKP (see item 6.10) it may be awarded up to 3 points. negative, however, not more than 10 points in total. negative throughout the Rally.




9.1. Participants will receive from the Rally Organizer prizes:

a) for taking first place in the Rally (crew)

b) for taking places from 2 to 3 in the Rally (crew)

c) for taking first place in the Elegance Competition


9.2. The prizes will be revealed by the Organizer on the day of the rally.




10.1. The correct route of the Rally route, answers to questions and special tasks should be posted no later than 30 minutes after the regular time of the last participant's journey.

10.2. The organizer does not allow attempts in the Rally, the scoring of which depends on third parties, outside the crew.

10.3. The time for explanations and appeals regarding the results is 30 minutes from the results of the Rally Organizer.




11.1. The Rally participant may only start in a vehicle with current road transport approval.

11.2. The participant is obliged to have vehicle insurance in the scope of civil liability (OC) and passengers from NW.

11.3. On the route of the rally the driver can only be a person reported as a driver in the Road Card.

11.4. The Organizer's message concerning:

- Rally program

- individual tasks and other records, not inconsistent with these Regulations

11.5. Letters, instructions and messages of the Organizer of the Rally, given to participants before the start of the Rally and tasks in the Rally are an integral part of the Rally.

11.6. Acceptance by the participant of the "Road Card" is tantamount to acceptance of participation in the Rally and submission to the provisions of these Regulations.

11.7. The interpretation of these Regulations belongs to the Jury of the Rally, in which the Rally Commander has the decisive vote.