Welcome to the Varsopolis world

What is Varsopolis?

A unique event dedicated to the marriage of classical and modern motorization as well as to its lovers and collectors.


Celebration of the heritage of pre-war street races and car rallies in Warsaw and of the best traditions of pre-war Polish motoring

The mission and vision of Varsopolis

Education in the field of Polish history, perceived through the prism of lifestyle and best traditions of pre-war Warsaw – cosmopolitan, vibrant with life, elegant.


Restoring and redefining Polish identity by reuniting it with the ideas of the intelligentsia generation, whose potential and ethos need to be restored.


A thorough look at the traditions of Polish craftsmanship and highest quality of workmanship of items of everyday use, as well as the value inherent in handmade objects, transferred to the next generations.

The reason why we organize Varsopolis

Our growing love for Warsaw allows us to take courageous actions to resurrect the history of places known to us in the capital.


The association of people emotionally connected with interesting nuances of the history of human relations and ways of spending time in the largest town on the Vistula River is for us a superior, but not the only one, goal.

We want to show the "treasures of the past" that are hidden from us. Plenty of them have a profound power to build the pride and self-confidence so needed in a constantly competing world.

This power is also enchanted in old trams, outfits from different eras or in automobiles.

The latter definitely testify to their times in a very meaningful way, which is why Varsopolis is a festival for the enthusiasts of the beauty of automotive artworks.


- Tomasz Jóźwiak



Main Informations

Discover Varsopolis

Many years ago, in the former Polish territory, a street race was held, which became an inspiration for the name of the event that has a chance to appear on the map of European elegance competitions.


In order to restore its atmosphere and historical breath to Poland, the initiators decided to follow the route running through the streets of Warsaw and to place the contest in the immediate vicinity of the heart of old Warsaw. In this way, pre-war history and ambitions can come to life, and Concours d'Elegance and Tour d'Elegance Varsopolis can become a symbol of modern and charming Warsaw.

Become a part of history


During Varsopolis, apart from the opportunity to admire the authentic craftsmanship of the cars, visitors will be able to watch the first rally of its kind through the streets of Warsaw. The selection of competitors will be very rigorous and only the most beautiful cars will be allowed to compete. The choice of such a theme for this event will provide an automotive experience unprecedented in this part of Europe.

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